Facts about San Joaquin County Kids and Youth: Know the facts. Join the cause.

There are 197,000 children living in San Joaquin County which represents 28% of the population and we are growing! The community has worked hard to improve its care of children and there is evidence of progress.  The high school graduation rate has increased from 71% to 80%.  Test scores of high school students have improved significantly and juvenile felony arrests have declined by 44%. However, data provided by the Community Data Coop shows that families are still facing tremendous challenges.  Two-thirds of our children are eligible for free and reduced lunch.  Only 27% of third graders read at grade level, compared to 46% statewide and there are now 3350 homeless children in the public schools – enough to fill 130 classrooms.  There is significant need in our county.  Join the cause of a brighter future for all our kids.

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