It’s Unanimous: Board approves creation of local children’s task force

It is official! The San Joaquin Children’s Alliance wants to acknowledge the undeniably hard work of our local non-profits, elected officials, and community members – who urged the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors to adopt the inception of a Children’s and Youth task force. The Board voted unanimously last Tuesday to adopt the initiative, which will focus on general stakeholder cohesion as well as creating sustainable investment streams centered around youth and children’s basic needs, healthcare, education, mentors, and safety – to name a few. This initiative will integrate collaborative efforts between elected officials and child-focused non-profit organizations – some of whom have already been meeting informally this past year to make this task force a shared reality for the rest of our county. The San Joaquin Children’s Alliance is proud to have helped to spearhead much of this initiative, but we are most thankful to our supporters and allies in this local movement who have dedicated their time and efforts to #OurFuture and the young people who will lead us into the next age of innovation and leadership!

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