Facts About Our Children and Youth

Facts About San Joaquin County Kids

Children are a high portion of San Joaquin County’s overall population.

 28% of the county population is children, compared to 23.6% statewide.

45% of households have children.

The number of households with children is expected to grow 38% from 2010 – 2050.


Over the past 5 years, the San Joaquin County community has worked hard to improve its care of children.

San Joaquin County has been held up as a model for collaborative work on children’s issues by one of the nations largest foundations serving children, The Packard Foundation. There is significant evidence of progress:

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Children have better healthcare

95% of children have health insurance. The number of uninsured children has been cut by 230%.


Children of all ethnic groups are doing better in school.

The high school graduation rate has increased from 71% to 80%.


Fewer children are getting into trouble.

Juvenile felony arrests have declined by 44% from 1413-797 arrests.

More needs to be done!

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